Ubuntu: Terminal appears with much delay when shortcut is used


When I press Ctrl+Alt+T the Terminal opens after around 30 seconds. That's pretty annoying. If I open it with Alt+F2 and enter gnome-terminal the window appears instantly as usual.

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 with gnome3.

Thank you for your help in advance!


Temporary workaround discussed in comment 16

run gnome-keyring-daemon in terminal with no command line options.
Then everything works as normal after entering password to unlock keyring.

On my system I have to open HUD before the password prompt shows up. If I open the HUD before the terminal command, the password prompt dialog shows immediately.

Output of journalctl -f shows
gnome-keyring-daemon[12913]: Gkm: using old keyring directory: ...

Now Solved:
For me and many others the solution to this issue has been to remove dbus-user-session which was added along with a recent install of software that is not needed. For me, it was added when I installed flatpak


  1. sudo apt-get remove --purge dbus-user-session
  2. Reboot

More context is available starting at comment #67 in this thread.


Based on this answer on superuser:

From the bug filed by xgdgsc, this slow response to GNOME shortcuts appears to be caused by gnome-keyring-daemon. In particular, having multiple instances of the daemon appears to cause shortcut execution to pause while attempting to communicate with the daemon until it times out. You can use the following command to check if you have multiple instances of the daemon running:

pgrep gnome-keyring --list-full  

On CentOS 7 with GNOME 3.14.2, I was able to work around this by killing both processes:

killall gnome-keyring-daemon  

gnome-keyring-daemon automatically restarted with only one instance when I next used a GNOME keyboard shortcut, and the shortcut executed instantaneously.


Open Startup Application and add new

  1. Add new
  2. Name : whatever
  3. Command : killall gnome-keyring-daemon
  4. Comment : whatever



Actually this helped me. Went to System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Launchers -> Launch Terminal there was written something new accelerator. I reset the key by hold pressing Ctrl + Alt + T again. it solved the problem.

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