Ubuntu: Stuck in initramfs with btrfs root array


I am trying to setup a system with three drives with a btrfs raid1, however I get stuck in initramfs if I have more than a single drive in my btrfs root.

My three partitions: /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt | sdb3_crypt| sdc3 crypt

I am confident that all three drives are unlocked and mapped and it looks like local-premount/btrfs is setup correctly (running btrfs device scan):

#!/bin/sh    set -e    PREREQ=""    prereqs()  {      echo "${PREREQ}"  }    case "${1}" in      prereqs)          prereqs          exit 0          ;;  esac    if [ -x /bin/btrfs ]  then      modprobe btrfs      /bin/btrfs device scan 2> /dev/null  fi  

and I have /etc/fstab using the UUID of the btrfs:

# <file system>                        <mount point>     <type>  <options>       <dump> <pass>  #/dev/mapper/sda3_crypt /               btrfs   defaults,subvol=@ 0       1  UUID=50758399-2529-470f-bc9d-fbac00a41913 /       btrfs   defaults,subvol=@ 0     1  UUID=aed887b8-8354-4aa8-8d10-2ec20e8478b5 /boot           btrfs   defaults          0     2  /dev/mapper/md0_crypt                     none            swap    sw                0     0  

Any ideas as to what could be going wrong that is stopping my array from mounting and booting with more than one drive?


Turns out, dropbear/busybox is missing the /dev/btrfs-control device node. This is usually set up by udev.

you will need to create it yourself when logged in to dropbear (initramfs):

# mknod /dev/btrfs-control c 10 234  


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