Ubuntu: start up error : unable to find a medium containing a live file system [closed]


I was working on my Dell PC which had ubuntu in it and accidentally I spilled coffee on it. Then the technician opened the system and drained out & dried the coffee and now it says:

"unable to find a medium containing a live file system"   

every time I turn on my PC. When the technician used a windows installed hard disk it all works fine and the hardware seems all set. I need to recover some important files.


What you will need to attempt data recovery: A bootable live media, A spare drive (preferably of larger capacity than the original)

  1. Prepare a live Ubuntu media (on optical or USB flash)
  2. Boot from live media
  3. Check to see if the system sees the original drive
  4. mount the spare drive to a target location
  5. create a forensic image of the original drive placing the output on the spare drive using dd or dc3dd(we will work on this image as necessary preserving and setting aside the original drive to allow for future recovery attempts in case something goes wrong)
  6. mount the partition the data is on from the image
  7. copy the data to a target location with sufficient space to contain the data.

If any part of this is unclear, drop me a comment telling me where you are stuck and I will elaborate as necessary.

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