Ubuntu: SSH connected remote server is using my local computer's internet [closed]


I'm new to Ubuntu. And im not quite sure about this. Im connected to my remote server hosted by Digital Ocean with SSH. My local internet speed is around 120 kbps. When I download something on the server through wget it downloads with a speed of 120kbps. Whereas when I ran a quick internet speed test, the results are:

Testing download speed........................................  Download: 690.98 Mbit/s  Testing upload speed..................................................  Upload: 297.49 Mbit/s  

Also when I create a torrent through the server, the upload speed too is quite less. It's similar to my local pc's upload speed. I really dont know what the problem is. Thanks in advance!


turns out the "wget" download was working again with the server's internet download speed @ 74mbps. But I still get 100kbps upload speed for torrents. What im trying to do is download large files on the server, create torrents of them, and download these torrents on my local computer. But the server's upload speed is too low. Similar to my local machine's upload speed. Im using Transmission, i've also tried this with deluge. I useits gui application through ssh with the option -X .


Your server's upload speed to an imaginary ultra-fast server is 300 Mbit/s

Your local connection's download speed from an imaginary ultra-fast server is 120kbps (>2000 times slower).

The 120kbps is the limiting factor when you download from your server to your local PC. Your server may be capable of pushing 300 Mbit/s to another fast server but this doesn't mean that it will be able to do the same through the slower connection to your local PC.

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