Ubuntu: Software Center install hung in the middle, no network activity


I went to The Ubuntu Software screen, searched for ClamAV, found ClamTK and selected for install. The process shows about 50% done and hangs. I checked the system monitor Network History and there is no activity. It's been like this for 30+min. I think I would like to abort the install, remove associated files, and maybe find a better AV. Under processes, I'm not sure which to end, nor how to clean this up. Of course, having about an hour's experience in Ubuntu makes this more of a challenge.


Install clamav and clamtk this way...

In terminal...

sudo apt-get purge clamav clamtk # remove partially installed apps  sudo apt-get update # update the software database  sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk # install clamav and the GUI  

To make future .deb file installs go easier and more reliable than the Software Center...

sudo apt-get install gdebi # this may already be installed  

Then right-click on any .deb file (like the one you download in the next paragraph), and change the default "open with" app from Software Center to gdebi.

Then go to https://dave-theunsub.github.io/clamtk/ and download the newer version of clamtk (https://bitbucket.org/dave_theunsub/clamtk/downloads/clamtk_5.24-1_all.deb) and install it by double-clicking on it. Make sure to set the various preferences, folders to scan, recurse folders, and the "scheduler" scans for database updates, and auto scans.

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