Ubuntu: Slave steals IP meant for bonded interface


I'm having an issue with this combo. I'm trying to set up an LACP bond using Ubuntu 16.04 and a Cisco SG-300. I have the Cisco configured for LACP on my two server's ports. In Ubuntu I have the following config:

# /etc/network/interfaces  auto lo  iface lo inet loopback    auto eno1  iface eno1 inet manual  bond-master bond0    auto eno2  iface eno2 inet manual  bond-master bond0    auto bond0  iface bond0 inet static  address  gateway  netmask  dns-nameserver  bond-mode 4  bond-miimon 100  bond-lacp-rate 1  bond-slaves eno1 eno2  xmit_hash_policy 0  

This works but has one issue. Whenever the system is started [eno1 seems to grab the static IP for bond0 and is unreachable on the network. If I do an 'ifdown eno1 && ifup eno1' the bond will grab and start working normally. Anyone have any clue as to why a slave device is grabbing the static IP meant for bond0 like that?


There was a static configuration in /etc/dhcpcd.conf. Not sure how that got there since I've always used static on this box. I removed the offending lines from that file as well as removing the dhcpcd5 package all together and everything works fine now.

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