Ubuntu: Showing Error “usb 5-2 device descriptor read/64 error -71 >a start job is running for ubuntu live cd installer”


I installed ubuntu today, followed the installation process. I installed it with a bootable DVD that I created. I choose to install it alongside my Windows 7. It went through the installation process, and completed it.

It asked me to restart the computer to finalise the installation. Suddenly, the installation disc popped out automatically and gone inside the CD/DVD drive again. It next shows me the error that I mentioned above. Please suggest what I should do.

I also have a Windows Repair Disc, in case I will have to uninstall Ubuntu, it could be done using Command Prompt.

Please help me, I am a beginner of Linux, so don't know much about the terminal and Linux commands.


It's normal that the DVD is ejected at the end of the installation just before reboot. The installer even tells you so and asks you to confirm it. It also tells you to remove the DVD from the drive so that your computer can boot the new Ubuntu installation from the internal drive. If you leave the DVD in the drive tray the tray will be closed again during boot and the computer may boot from the DVD instead of the internal drive.

For more info see How do I install Ubuntu?


I am new too, but found that if I select (yours may be different) a key to hold down during boot from NO POWER, it lets me go to the CMOS utility. From that control I select which drive to boot into. Each side has to have its own set of drivers too.

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