Ubuntu: Raise network issues Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


I'm having issues with my Ubuntu LAMP server. I've setup static addresses on the /etc/network/interfaces and can't ping my default-gateway or member servers on the network.

Here's the static ip address config and ip address status. Firewall has been disabled for now. When I try to restart networking services it fails. But I can force the interfaces up with IFUP command. but for some reason I can't ping the gateway of Ubuntu Addresses

Ubuntu interfaces


You should remove extra complexity in your interfaces file. Something like this should work. You don't need to add a route when both interfaces use the same gateway.

auto ens160 ens192  iface ens160 inet static      address      mtu 1500    iface ens192 inet static      address      gateway      dns-nameservers      mtu 1500  

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