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I think everyone has known - we need to install katoolin to use Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu. Before did anything I had looked through the internet and also found out these solutions: Can I install Kali tools on Ubuntu, How to Auto Install All Kali Linux

So here are my steps:

apt-get install git  git clone https://github.com/LionSec/katoolin.git && cp katoolin/katoolin.py /usr/bin/katoolin  chmod +x  /usr/bin/katoolin  sudo katoolin  

Then, to add Kali Linux repositories and update them, I selected option 1 from the katoolin Menu

Then, to view the available categories and install all available tools, I selected option 2 from the main menu of katoolin and then pressed 0.

But after that I got this:

unable to locate package webshag

Furthermore, I got an error in Software Updater - it didn't let me do anything. Ubuntu just hung up. I solved this problem by deleting kali linux repositories in katoolin and then in Software Updater.

Does anyone know how to install Kali Linux tools in Ubuntu 16.04 in a proper way?


(Re)install Katoolin as follows:

  1. Open the terminal and type:

    sudo apt-get install git    git clone https://github.com/LionSec/katoolin.git && sudo cp katoolin/katoolin.py /usr/bin/katoolin    
  2. Make /usr/bin/katoolin executable.

    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin    
  3. Run Katoolin as follows and you will see the Katoolin interface:

    sudo katoolin     

    enter image description here
    View the categories of available software in katoolin interface

Press 0 to install all Kali linux tools.

When you go to View Categories and then enter 0 for all, the installer will immediately return to where you were. Scroll up, and you'll see that a number of the packages can't be found. Those packages are no longer maintained or have been removed from the Kali repositories. Even with this issue, you'll still find a lot of the Kali software available for installation.

So the best option is to install Kali linux tools in a series of distinct steps. Just like if you want to install Forensic tools on your system, then choose its option from the category and then type 0 to install all forensics tools. If this still doesn't work, then you have to install whatever forensic tools that can be installed one package at a time.

This is why the Katoolin interface sometimes hangs when you try to install all of the Kali linux tools at once. Take the time of waiting for the server to respond to a request for a package that is not available and multiply it by how many unavailable Kali linux tools there are in the Katoolin repositories.

enter image description here

If you wish to go back to the the main menu, type gohome in your katoolin interface. Now select the option 3 or 4 to install either the classicmenu indicator or the Kali menu. Press the y key to continue and then press Enter to start its setup.

Once you are done with installation of Kali tools using katoolin, you can quit by pressing the keyboard combination Ctrl+C and you will see the goodbye message.

shutdown requested....Goodbye...

Credit for the above text block goes to Kashif with my additions italicized.

Source: How To Install Kali Linux Tools On Ubuntu 16 And CentOS 7

Warning about updates after installing Kali linux tools

The LionSec Katoolin GitHub webpage clearly warns Katoolin users to be careful when updating software.

Before updating your system, please remove all Kali-linux repositories to avoid any kind of problem.

All kinds of problems can occur if you don't do this. Browse the questions that have been tagged with to see some examples.

Additional reference: How to install Kali linux tools in Ubuntu 15.10


After using katoolin and adding the repositories , its safe to run sudo apt-get update, but do not use apt-get upgrade if you do, your gnome and desktop will fail to start.

In katoolin :

  1. Add kali repositories & Update

  2. Update your apt-get by katoolin or your terminal

Install all the tools you want, after that do the cleaning by removing kali repos from your sources.list and apt-key.

If any error occurs, it comes from the sources.list, meaning the package or tool is not designed/available for your Linux architecture or katoolin itself has to be updated, because repositories were changed by the owner.


  1. Keep in touch with katoolin developers.

  2. Install aptitude:

    sudo apt-get install aptitude  

    then do a search for the requirements of the package candidates, for example:

    aptitude search "?provides(wine)"  

    read more about aptitude: What is the difference between dpkg and aptitude/apt-get?

  3. Read about the difference between unable to locate package & no candidates: What does Package <package> has no installation candidate mean?

There is a step by step solution that avoids crashes here: Can I install Kali tools on Ubuntu?


In Ubuntu 16: edit file /usr/bin/katoolin and remove all references for the both packages: dff and webshag and save file.

Execute katoolin again - choose 1 and then 2 to update - after that type back and choose 2 and then type 0.

For me it still showed an error for usb-modeswitch for version 2.2.5+repack0-1ubuntu1, so I installed using this package from ubuntuupdates.org

After that I executed katoolin again - chose 1 and then 2 to update - after that type back and choose 2 and then 0 to begin installation.


I have faced the very same
Edit the file /usr/bin/katoolin (eg use sudo -H gedit usr/bin/katoolin) and remove those two packages, just search for text dff and webshag. Remove those two from apt-get commands too.

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