Ubuntu: Problem with dpkg in recovery mode


I'm new to Linux (and also to Stack Exchange :)). I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop last week. It has a dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows 10. A strange problem occurred today. Two days ago, when I tried to boot up Ubuntu, my PC showed a blue screen after I entered my password. My desktop wallpaper hadn't appeared when I was entering the password - I hadn't noticed it back then.

I forced a reboot and tried again. The same thing happened every time. Finally I booted Windows and shut down my PC.

Since then, I haven't used Ubuntu till today. Windows 10 works fine. Now, when Ubuntu failed to load, I started Recovery Mode (GNU GRUB screen appears). I tried failsafeX, and something like "no screen found" appeared and it went back to the recovery mode menu. Then I ran dpkg, and it is stuck at the following lines (Something like these, I don't exactly remember):

[OK] Started Braille Device Support  [OK] Started udev Kernel Device Manager  

It has been stuck at this screen for the last 10 minutes. I'm afraid my data will get corrupted if I try to force a reboot. Please help!!

PS. I haven't interrupted any visible update or installation while shutting down my PC.

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