Ubuntu: Problem installing software


I'm completely new to the Ubuntu world (I'm using Ubuntu 16.04). I encountered a very annoying problem when trying to install software. When I run

sudo apt-get application_name  

nothing happens(installation freezes at 10% or whatever whatch here I'm just a beginner so i don't know how to fix it. In usc all the apps have disappeared(except the apps already installed). Just a suggestion:it might be a problem with my sources? Please help me to find and fix the issue.


To resolve the current packaging problem remove the oracle-java9-installer package:

sudo LC_MESSAGES=POSIX dpkg -r oracle-java9-installer && sudo LC_MESSAGES=POSIX apt-get install -f  

This should enable you to install packages again.

If you need help installing Oracle Java 9 please open a new question about it specifically.

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