Ubuntu: once ubuntu is installed do i always nee to use USB key?


I have been going crazy for the past two days, trying to install UBUNTU 16.04 lts. First some backround info about what i did and what devices i am using:

I know very little about computers and have followed directions and read up on people with similar problems here on ask ubuntu, and well, finally managed to install! Here's how: I created a startup USB with the UBUNTU ISO file on it, whch i did from a computer with an ubuntu OS, so i used the STARTUP DISK CREATOR application. MY computer is a DELL LATTITUDE E7440, and HAD windows 7 enterprise on it until the windows session expired and i was using the computer wth a non genuine version of windows 7...SO decided to install LINUX.

I succeeded in installing ubuntu a first time, choosing to overwrite all disks, as i plan to just get rid of windows (which is expired anyway) and simply use ubuntu as an OS. As i told you i did this by using a USB key with ISO file on it. When i finished the installation ubuntu had me choose between exploring ubuntu or finalizing the installation by restarting the computer. I restarted and....stupidly (maybe i ddn't wait long enough?) removed the usb key as soon as the screen went black and when the computer restarted... it restarted WINDOWS! (Or should say, the expired version of windows 7...) I tried rebooting again from the USB key but a black screen appeared (which i no longer knew if it was wndows or ubuntu...) with lots of wrting (i'm sorry i really don't know the slightest thing about computers!) with at the end this kind of error:

kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block(0,2)

So at this point i started everything over again, and re-created a bootable USB drive using STARTUP DISK CREATOR and was able to reinstall UBUNTU on my dell. I did everything the same, except this time after completing installation i left the usb key in the drive and haven't taken it out yet... whch is why i'm writing to you all... i'm actually worried if i DO withdraw the USB key, i will have to start all over again... and the ubuntu installing wll just disappear and windows will come back. (I don't understand how this is possible if i completed installation in which i chose to overwrite all existing disks and OS!)

Here is my queston, to which i really need an answer because i have searched all over the web, and found nothing:

Can i take out the USB key?????!! Or does the USB key allow me to use UBUNTU? If so, wouldn't that mean it is a LIVE version of ubuntu? Whereas i am looking for using it as my all-time OS...And durng installation i never had to choose between live ubuntu or a more permanent one.

Could this could have happened because the computer i used to download ubuntu and create a startup disk has an older version of ubuntu than the one i installed (16.04 lts) ??

If it is any use, i am NOT interested in a dual boot... i JUST want to use linux!

I thank you for your time, this has been a very detailed message, but i felt like i should be clear on everything i did !

Thank you very much for any help you can give me!


it seems like i am talkng by myself here but no worres, i believe we live in diifferent tiime zones.

I just wanted to say that i have finally succeeded in getting rid of windows.. to do so i opened up disks on my ubuntu desktop (for i have TWO disks) . And since onewas 92 % full...i guessed that was where windows was, full f viruses and malware. So i just erased the drive from the disks area, and voilà!

No more windows when i boot the computer..; BUUUT it still doesn't directly boot into ubuntu, i get :" Invalid partition table " I checked this out and read that maybe boot repair would be the solution.... is this true?

thanks everyone for reading and suport :)


You can remove your USB device from the PC. To do it in the safe way:

  1. Select "Try Ubuntu" after boot in the USB media.
  2. Open or install gParted. (Optional)
  3. Format the partitions, or create a new partition table. (msdos for BIOS mode, or gpt, for UEFI mode). (Optional)
  4. Launch the Ubuntu installer, located in the desktop (as I remember).
  5. Select the "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" option.
  6. Wait until the install finishes.
  7. When done, close the install program, and turn off the PC, by going to the session buttons at the top right corner, at the gear icon. Then press "Shut down".
  8. Remove your USB media.
  9. Turn on the PC again.
  10. Wait for the boot process to complete, it could take a while the first time.

For more information look at Install Ubuntu 16.04

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