Ubuntu: Netgear N-300/ WNA3100 USB Adapter for Ubuntu 16.04


I am new to Linux and Ubuntu and I am having trouble connecting to the Internet.

I have a netgear WNA3100 USB Adapter and I don't have anything in my additional drivers.


You can add Support for the Netgear N-300/ WNA3100 USB Adapter by installing the ndiswrapper and loading the Windows network driver.

Install the ndiswrapper modules

  $ sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-dkms ndisgtk ndiswrapper-common  $ sudo apt-get install  ndiswrapper-source ndiswrapper-utils-1.9  

Activate the ndiswrapper:

  $ sudo modprobe ndiswrapper  

Load the driver into the ndiswrapper:

Navigate to where you saved the driver (look at the Download Windows Netgear Drivers section below):

  $ sudo ndiswrapper -i bcmwlhigh5.inf  (Add the ndiswrapper modules to the boot configuration with:)  $ sudo ndiswrapper -m  

Download the Windows Netgear Drivers

You can download the driver from NetGear Site: WNA3100 Drivers. The only thing you need from the download package is the WNA3100 folder.

The exptracted WNA3100 folder is available at:

Note: You only need wine for extracting the WNA3100.zip package from the setup.exe file from the Netgear site. After running setup.exe you'll find the zip package in:

  ~/".wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/NETGEAR"  


I've used the same wifi adapter for Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 it worked fine for me. If you have a lan connection do an update.

sudo apt-get update

Make sure that networking is enabled and try to connect manually from the network wizard.

Check the following guide to install the Windows driver in Ubuntu

How to get Netgear A6200 to work on 14.04

Supported usb adapters by Ubuntu:



Please do not delete this post even if its not an answer. I am convinced that it will help a lot of users.

I just want to share my experience (especially for users who do not have a usb wifi dongle and want to buy one).

I just had the worst experience ever. After each kernel update it wan't working and i had to use a lot of complicated commands to make it work. Internet gives 1000 different solution and only some of them may work (after spending hours and hours). And when I restart or put my pc on sleep the wifi connection was never automatic. I had to turn it of and on again! such a pain

In order to avoid such a headache I just bought a WiFi PCIe card (a tp-link ac1900. I guess other PCIe card also works well but I haven't tried them. I just put that card inside my computer then i opened the additional driver menu and enabled the propriatary driver broadcom. Now my card works like a charm. I lost a bit money because I bought the usb wifi for nothing but I am much more happy to save my time and have a pleasant linux user experience.

Besides that there is many different size of PCI slots. Usually the wireless pcie cards have the size x1. My pc does not have x1, but i put the card in a x16 pcie slot and now it's fully compatible.

I know I do not answer to the question directely. But I hope that my post will be usefull for some users.

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