Ubuntu: Laptop Microphone doesn't work anymore


My laptop microphone has been working since I had my laptop (about 1.5 years ago) and it has only ever run ubuntu gnome. Since Oct 2016 I have been using UbuntuGnome 16.10. This month the microphone stopped working. It doesn't work in sykpe and I can't use sound recorder to make recordings.

What could have happened? Is there anyway to fix it?


Investigate. It could be related to physical damage, loose connection, corrosion, driver removal or substitution for a wrong, unsupportive or damaged one etc etc. It is hard to say. I think the most likely is that some hardware problem occured. Try to live boot different OS or build, work with drivers, try different devices... As with everything, try to investigate in that manner - beginning with easiest, accessible options (yet with some potential cause), ending with the hardest and the most work-requiring options.

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