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I have just upgraded from 16.04 to 16.10 then 17.04 through the system upgrades method and after logging in, I get a black screen and my mouse cursor once the KDE loading finishes.

Normally there used to be a wallpaper, a taskbar at the bottom, and I could use alt+f1 to open the KDE search for application and/or files.

I can still control the system using a terminal(ie open system settings or chromium) with my ctrl+alt+t shortcut to open one, however I would like to recover KDE to a working state and I can't find a dupliate that would fix this since I don't primarily use the console for everything and don't know a lot of the commands.

If it helps, I have an Intel processor and graphics card


From the terminal or using Alt + F2 execute the command plasmashell to start the interface.

You may also try reinstalling the desktop environment by running the command sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop --reinstall from the terminal (Konsole in KDE Plasma).

Do respond with the results.

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