Ubuntu: Is SSHD works with multiple OS?


I have 1 TB SSHD on my laptop and I installed both ubuntu 16.04 and windows 10 on it by partitioning below.

enter image description here

My laptop is toshiba and this is the disk It has. https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Toshiba/MQ02ABD100H/

Is both OS capable of use SSHD functions? or just one of them? or any of them?


As far as sshd's are concerned, the flash essentially is transparent to the 'end user'. In most cases it would be transparent to the underlying os too, but this may vary- some modes let the OS determine some of the use of the flash.

Essentially the flash acts as a secondary layer of cache, rather than a seperate device and both OSes should be able to use it.


Both OS should be capable of using the SSHD function, as the built-in SSHD Processor determines which files should be stored on the SSD Cache.

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