Ubuntu: Is it safe to share your root login details to server with an IT guy?


I'm trying to find help with my website where images aren't displayed for some reason and the whole site looks like a plain text document.

I've contacted an IT guy on Fiverr in a messenger and he told me not to place an order with him first, but give him root login details to my server and to C-panel. I'm just thinking is it safe to do so? I just started learning about building websites and don't understand all nuances yet. Thank you!


No. It is Never safe to give out a root password. Giving some "guy on Fiverr" your root details seems wrong.

First, Ubuntu doesn't (by default) allow root logins via password, but uses sudo instead. You shouldn't have a root password to give out.

Second, by asking for the root password, rather than a sudo-enabled user account makes me wonder if the "guy on Fiverr" knows Ubuntu, or if he's just going to stir your system with a rootstick until/if it works.

Third, after granting root access, how will you track the changes the "guy on Fiverr" makes to your system? sudo (if you disallow sudo su, sudo bash, etc) keeps a history.

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