Ubuntu: Install packages during uck Ubuntu customization


I am following the steps from this website to customize my Ubuntu image. After unpacking the clean .iso I add some files to the "remaster" and also I would like to install some apps (wireshark for example), so when the systems boots with the custom image, there is no need to install anything. I run the following script:

sudo uck-remaster-clean  sudo uck-remaster-unpack-iso my.iso  sudo uck-remaster-unpack-rootfs    // .. add desired files to the remaster  sudo apt-get install wireshark    sudo uck-remaster-pack-rootfs -c  sudo uck-remaster-pack-iso -g myNew.iso  

However, wireshark is installed on the machine on which I am running the script, not in the remaster-root system. What do I need to modify in the script above to have the apps installed on the unpacked ISO? Is it even possible?


You need to chroot into your remaster-root-system. you forgot to run one command.

sudo uck-remaster-chroot-rootfs  

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