Ubuntu: Install Blender (.tar.bz2) in Ubuntu 16.04LTS


How can I install Blender 2.78a ? The file extension is .tar.bz2 . I have found this but as 10.04 is much older and I am installing a different file I felt that I need to learn specific instruction for installing blender .


If you are willing to settle for a little bit older version of Blender, Blender 2.76.b can be installed from the Ubuntu Software application in Ubuntu 16.04. Blender 2.78 snap package can be installed from the terminal in Ubuntu 14.04 and later as follows.

sudo apt install snapd    sudo snap install blender-tpaw    

After you logout and then login again, you can launch Blender 2.78 from the Dash like any other graphical application.

To update blender-tpaw after it is installed run this command:

sudo snap refresh blender-tpaw  


To get version 2.8 from terminal:

Add repository, update and install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thomas-schiex/blender  sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade  sudo apt install blender  

To revert to the official version:

sudo apt install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa:thomas-schiex/blender  


You can make new entries in the applicatinos folder : /usr/share/applications

This is an example and you only need to change the path to the Blender binary and save it as a .desktop file such as example.desktop

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Blender 2.7b  GenericName=3D modeler  Comment=3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production  Keywords=3d;cg;modeling;animation;painting;sculpting;texturing;video editing;video tracking;rendering;render engine;cycles;game engine;python;  Exec=~/path/to/blender.tar %f  Icon=blender  Terminal=false  Type=Application  Categories=Graphics;3DGraphics;  MimeType=application/x-blender;  


The .tar.bz2 files that you can download from blender.org are a compressed tarball of the compiled version of blender. You should be able to unzip the file and run blender from within the unzipped folder.

If you don't want to compile the newest version of blender yourself, then the other option as described by George is to use a third party repository that has a newer build of blender.

Also of note is that you can install the current version of blender through steam.

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