Ubuntu: I want to install “MahaSecure” Banking software in ubuntu 16.4


i am a newbie please guide to install "MahaSecure" Banking software for Linux. I have download a File MahaSecure.tar.gz extract 3 directory (bin,Resource, Shared) But now don't have any idea what to do next. Please Guide.


Download link for Linux is visible only when you first login through their old net banking system.

Download & extract MahaSecure-64Bit.tar.gz for Linux in some folder, say ABCD. It contains one file MahaSecureInstaller.sh & a folder MahaSecure.tar.gz . Open ABCD in the terminal and type:

sudo ./MahaSecureInstaller.sh  

This should install MahaSecure with a Desktop shortcut from where you can launch it.

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