Ubuntu: I can't select mailboxes in geary 0.11.3. Only the first inbox is active


I installed geary 0.11.3 in my xubuntu then I added two accounts (first yahoo, second gmail), the messages where syncronized, BUT I only can see and select the first mailbox of the account that I added. I can see all mailboxes for all accounts (yahoo,gmail) but I can't select anyone!!!! only the inbox of Yahoo is active enter image description heredisplaying the messages, is this a bug? or I need to reinstall geary? thanks, Vladimir. I attach a screenshot of my geary showing that.


Does making the folder list a bit wider (by dragging the spacer between it and the conversation list) help at all?


Same problem here (ubuntu 16.04 LTS). I just got a mail in one of the "unreachable" mailboxes. When selecting the mailbox from the drop-down menu (top-right) I can enter the inbox. Sadly you can't select the inbox if you haven't got new mails.

A solution could be to mail yourself if you really need to enter the inbox until geary comes with an update.

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