Ubuntu: How to write š, č


In Ubuntu, to write ā, Ä", Ä«, Å« (vowel with macron or garumzÄ«me) I type

Alt + - + letter

with the Latvian keyboard set

To write ģ, ķ, ļ, ņ (consonant with cedilla or mīkstinājuma zīme) I type

Alt + , + letter

But how to type č, š, ž (consonant with caron, haček or another type of mīkstinājuma zīme)

Alt + ??? + letter

The keyboard settings are the following: enter image description here The compose key is Right Alt

enter image description here

Other options for the compose key are

Disabled, Right Ctrl, Right Win, Left Ctrl, Menu, Caps Lock.

AltGr does not appear as an option.


The Latvian keyboard layout is prepared for the characters you mention:

AltGr + S = Å¡

AltGr + Shift + S = Å 

AltGr + C = č

AltGr + Shift + C = Č

enter image description here



Alt + < + letter

Do not forget to use


to access


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