Ubuntu: How to switch desktop manager from LXDE?


So, the thing is, I wanted to try LxQT desktop manager. So I've installed lxqt package, but now I don't know, how to switch to LxQT from the current LXDE.

I tried to look for it, but I've only found some info about Unity and XFCE, like in this question: Switching window manager/desktop environments?

But, when I log out, I don't see any icon next to the user-name, that I could click-on, or some arrow, like in XFCE...

So, what can I do, to switch to the other desktop manager in LXDE?


My login screen looks exactly like this (but this image is not mine) enter image description here


You need to click on the small bird icon to the left of "en_US" in the top panel. This should give a drop down list of available desktops.

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