Ubuntu: How to set users and passwords for a nautilus-share “local network share”


I am trying to share my folders in the network using nautlius-share app. I am unable to understand how to add users and passwords to this share.

I used net usershare command and this is my sample output:

$ net usershare info --long    [pixint-project]   path=/home/pixadmin/data/project   comment=   usershare_acl=Everyone:F,   guest_ok=n  

It says "Everyone" but I can't seem to access this share on my win 7 client. I have added users using:

smbpasswd -a user  

i dont' know how to bind this samba account to the share folder.

ubuntu version 14.04 LTS.  

Please provide me a link if you this this question has already been asked. I cant seem to find anything regarding this. Please ask if you need more details. Thank you.

Edit: The share passwords I have set work on ubuntu clients. But the same doesn't work on Windows clients.   

It's working for me now. The username that the client uses to login to my server should be an actual user in my server. And that user should have read and execute permissions. Silly me. Thanks everyone so much for helping me.

Learning through experience. Cheers!  

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