Ubuntu: How to make terminal autocomplete when there are several files/directory?


If I have several directories, like:

afoo abar  

sometimes my terminal will refuse autocomplete when I press tab (e.g. "cd a" then tab), and print the list of directories instead. Sometimes it even throws a noisy, annoying sound. Any idea how to make it autocomplete in cases like this? E.g it can show abar first, and then afoo if I press tab again. I saw this is the case in windows, or some applciation in Ubuntu


Something that is a life-saver for me is to have bash cycle through the possibilities instead of showing a dumb list.

As bash is using readline for its auto-completion, add the following lines to your /etc/inputrc (Caution: /etc/inputrc contains the system-wide settings, so if you're the careful type, you might try this out in your own user's ~/.inputrc first!)

# mappings for making up and down arrow searching through history:  "\e[A": history-search-backward  "\e[B": history-search-forward  "\e[C": forward-char  "\e[D": backward-char    #Use [Tab] and [Shift]+[Tab] to cycle through all the possible completions:  "\t": menu-complete  "\e[Z": menu-complete-backward  

then exit your terminal and open it again...

Example: When you have 3 files: file1, file2 and file3 and you type:

e fTabTabTab

it'll cycle through:

e file1  e file2  e file3  

and when you want to go back, just hit Shift+Tab

when you type:

very-complicated-command with lots of command line parameters  

and next time you need the same command, you just type:


and it'll type for you:

very-complicated-command with lots of command line parameters  

This will save you tons of time in bash! ;-)


After the 1st tab you need to insert more letters. So if you type

cd a  

and hit tab you get nothing and after a second tab (immediately following) you get a list of the names starting with a and then need to insert an f to have it auto complete the remainder so

cd atabftab

will result in

cd afoo  

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