Ubuntu: How do I access iOS camera pictures on Ubuntu 17.04?


The libimobiledevice shipped with 17.04 is actually compatible with the latest iOS. When you connect a device, two virtual devices show up. However, the one with the documents works but the one for the camera just shows an empty folder.

There is no obvious way to access the camera pictures on the iOS device.

How do I access them? I don't want to compile libimobiledevice from source.


Note: This has been tested on Ubuntu 17.04 and with iOS 10.3.3

As a workaround, you can mount your iOS device with ifuse.

sudo apt install ifuse  

Now connect your device and make sure it is paired with your computer.

idevicepair validate  

If you get a SUCCESS message, you are good, if not run idevicepair pair. Now you can use ifuse to mount your iOS images folder:

mkdir ~/pics && ifuse ~/pics  

The images are now available in your $HOME folder under pics. Ready to be synced with Shotwell. To unmount the folder, use fusermount:

fusermount -u ~/pics && rmdir ~/pics  

Note: in this example I create a pics folder and remove it afterwards. If you already have a folder named like this, choose a different name.

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