Ubuntu: How can I make my Unity panels and window controls look like this?


I'm a Linux noob, currently playing with Ubuntu on VirtualBox, using this site a lot to help me and am looking to take the next step and dual boot. Hopefully the Linux gods on this website can help me yet again!

I am struggling to set my desktop up to how I would like it to look. I like parts of Unity but also want parts to be 'Windowsey'. I've tried making my ideal desktop on Cinnamon but couldn't get the applets to work how I would like.

Here is a picture I made up of how I want it to look:

The intended appearance of the graphical interface (see text below for a detailed description).

So it uses the top and side bar of Unity (which I actually quite like), I also really like the Unity search feature. I would then want a 'Windowsey' taskbar at the bottom with its own menu, and also I want the window controls to be on the right side.

Hopefully you guys can help me (I'm assuming the answer is staring me in the face).

EDIT: I'm not against the idea of using a different desktop environment if that can get similar results.


After a lot of messing around I have pretty much what I was after with Gnome 3.

Here is what I have now

I installed Gnome 3, knowing that its search feature was similar (enough) to the unity one for what I wanted. I then downloaded the Dash to Dock extension


Dock at the side with the all apps button at the top which does the searching. Then I downloaded a task bar extension (its not letting me share the link sorry), to give me a task bar at the bottom.

All that is left to do is to tinker with it some more, make it look more how I want, and see if I can get a more windowsey start menu from the bottom taskbar.

Thanks a lot for the comments :)

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