Ubuntu: How can I embed a terminal widget on my desktop?


I use the command line a lot and I would like a widget (possibly integrating itself into the desktop) to provide access to a terminal.

Like this:


Maybe you want to give a chance to Yakuake (KDE based, running natively on Gnome), which embeds a drop down terminal emulator at the very top of your screen, and this can be invoked by pressing a custom key (ussually F12).

Yakuake, similar to Guake, runs in the background and it's available and ready when you need it in a key press. You can configure if you wish it in the foreground or it can lose focus as a common window.

I personally prefer the usage of Yakuake instead of Guake as I find it fully configurable and easy to set my preferences. It also features "terminal-splitting" on which you can create your custom layout for several terminals running different processes at once, like these shown in this screenshot:

enter image description here

Additionally, you can have an unlimited number of terminal sessions running at once, each one with its own custom layout.

Good luck!


I like tilda a lot. It's a drop-down terminal toggled with a single key shortcut. It is highly customizable, but what I like most about it is that it perfectly blends visually into Ubuntu Desktop.

sudo apt-get install tilda  

More info here on wikipedia


Geppettvs mentioned Guake. You might try it if you have trouble with Yakuake

sudo apt-get install guake  


I created a program called Deskterm that does this for you. https://github.com/jamrizzi/deskterm

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