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I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop about a month ago. The laptop has a 500Gb HD (483.9 actually shows up). I’ve applied all the updates (security, etc.), and as of today, I can no longer install updates. In searching for a way to make room, I’ve noticed that I cannot get any usable information on the HD, as I can with Mac and Windows. I cannot see how much of the HD is used, and how much is unused. Also, I cannot see how many backups have been archived (I’d like to remove the oldest ones to make room). What am I to do?


Use gnome-disk-utility. You can run this from the command line or look for Disks using the HUD. It should give you information of of all the mounted disks and how full they are. There are text-based utilities as well but this should do.

Now, to analyse what is taking most of the space, you can use Disk usage analyzer.

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