Ubuntu: GNOME Software shows less programs than Ubuntu Software Center


Yesterday I upgraded Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 to 16.04 and got the GNOME Software which will be replacing Ubuntu Software Center.

However, most applications that would show up in the searches I did in USC wouldn't show up in GNOME Software.

In this


I search the word "steam" in both of them and you can see how most results don't show up in GNOME Software.

As I have upgraded my system, I have both software centers and I can gladly use USC, but if I do a clean install of 16.04 I shouldn't get USC anymore, so why GNOME Software doesn't show that programs and how can I make them show?

Thanks in advance!


I do not know why gnome software does not show as many software however I do know that there is definitely no way to change the software it shows using the GUI if it can be done using the command line then I do not know how to do it

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