Ubuntu: glances instead of getty login prompt on tty1


I am running a headless Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 on my custom HW box. Recently I have decided to add a small 5" screen to it (install it into 2 empty 3.5 bays) to display various system info - cpu/gpu load, temperatures, drive/network status, fans, etc.; I plan to use python-based glances for this.

So far I am unable to replace getty login prompt with glances on tty1 by just editing upstart's /etc/init/tty1.conf. Somehow whatever I put there is just ignored and system continue to run getty.

Below is the script I use:

start on tty-device-added DEVNAME=/dev/tty1    stop on runlevel [016]    pre-start script      setterm -powerdown 0 -blank 0  end script    post-stop script      clear      setterm -blank 2  end script    exec /usr/local/bin/glances <> /dev/tty1 >&0 2>&1  

Any idea what am I missing?

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Will also try this one but adding user does not seem to me a right way to do things:
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