Ubuntu: Ethernet no longer works specifically for local machines. Any sugestions?


I have a LAN with a Synology DS412+ and two homebuilt FreeNAS, along with four other computers - all running Ubuntu 14.04 and/or 16.04- and about ten days ago they where all a happy family. All devices are connected to a WiFi ADSL modem/switch connected to an extra switch for 8 ports. My main computer -the one I use the most- runs Ubuntu 16.10 (upgraded tonight from 16.04 for trying -with no success- to solve the problem) and it's been about four days since it simply does not 'see' the network anymore through Nautilus, although it 'sees' the entire LAN through Firefox. Ping runs fine and it connects to the NAS through IP V4, but 'Networks' shows only 'Windows Network' and when I click on it the following message comes out: "Failed to access location - Failed to retrieve share list from server: No such file or directory'. ifconfig and lshw seem to show troubleless output data. I cannot remember any 'weird' event from these days that might be related to this behavior. Anyway, I would appreciate any clues about where to start searching for the evil. Thanks. (addition after editing: the remaining computers in the net were not affected, they all see the NAS machines and eachother through their file navigator)

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