Ubuntu: e2fsck turned my ext4 partition into ext2 and erased all my data


I've been having superblock issues from ext2fsd on my dualbooted machine. I ran e2fsck to restore backed up superblocks with sudo e2fsck -y -b blocknumber device, booted, and everything was fine.

After booting back into windows and later back into linux again, I was getting the same superblocks errors. After discovering ext2fsd was the problem, I uninstalled it from windows and ran sudo e2fsck -y -b blocknumber device again for all 3 corrupted partitions.

This time, however, I didn't get the long stream of numbers when running e2fsck on my /home partition, and afterwards, the system would time out on boot before sending me back into recovery mode.

After checking the logs, I found errors which led me to discovering my /home partition was now an ext2 filesystem and fixing /etc/fstab which had an incorrect uuid and filesystem for my /home partition according to blkid.

I rebooted and the GNOME splash and login came up just fine, but wouldnt let me login. Switching to tty3, I logged in, cd'd to home and ls'd, and all I found was a lost+found folder, and my home partition is still ext4.

If I can get my home partition back it working order, that'd be amazing, but at the bare minimum I need to recover its data, as there is a few years of family photos without backups I had moved on there temporarily...

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