Ubuntu: Disable shadow on application window (X11) programatically, without additional applications?


I was wondering if you could make an X11 application (like the notify-send application in Unity) that has a custom window style or draw your own shadows (like disabling CS_DROPSHADOW in Windows).

Right now I have a transparent X11 window, with the title bar disabled, however the shadows around the borders are still visible, which is annoying. Can I set any hints to the window manager that I want no shadows on a certain window or what library do I have to link to (compiz, etc.) to achieve this?

I simply want a completely transparent window, without decorations and shadows that I can draw to. The first part was rather easy by using _MOTIF_WM_HINTS, but is there something like this that I can set for the shadows?

If not, can this be disabled by linking into compiz? If yes, what functions would I need to call? I can't find any documentation on compiz and the headers are not documented. I do not want to install any extra applications.

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