Ubuntu: difficulty installing vivaldi


I just installed Ubuntu 16.04. I wanted to install vivaldi browser, so I downloaded the .deb package and ran $ sudo dpkg -i vivaldi.deb. I received the following error:- enter image description here

What should I do?

@karel, I got an error while executing the second line of your instructions:- enter image description here

edit:- I have found out that my package system is broken, I followed this link:- Package system is broken. How to fix it?


libappindicator1 can be installed from the default Ubuntu 16.04 repositories, but maybe something else is preventing it from being installed. Open the terminal, change directories using cd to the directory containing vivaldi.deb and type:

sudo apt update && sudo apt-get -f install   sudo apt update && sudo apt install -f libindicator7   sudo apt update && sudo apt install -f libappindicator1    sudo dpkg --configure -a    sudo apt clean  sudo dpkg -i vivaldi.deb    

libappindicator1 is also available from the default Ubuntu repositories in all currently supported versions of Ubuntu.

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