Ubuntu: Custom keyboard shorcuts ignoring numlock status


My custom keyboard shortcuts ignore my numlock status and treat a keypress on numeric keypad 9 as 'pageup(keypad)' regardless of numlock being on or off. I am unable to type '9' when numlock is off unless I disable my shortcut for 'pageup(keypad)'.

Is there a solution to this problem? Ubuntu 16.4

Below is a longer description of this problem and the behaviour. Ignore it if you already understand the issue: When I assign an action to key 9 on my numeric keypad, then later press '9' the action is successful.

When I change the keypad to numlock mode, and press '9' the 'pageup' action works as expected.

But when I assign an action to key 9 while in numlock mode it correctly shows 'pageup(keypad)' as the accelerator. When later I press '9' in numlock mode, it runs the action correctly. BUT when I later pres '9' while NOT in numlock mode, it still runs the action. It does not allow me to press '9' on my keypad to type the numeral '9' when not in numlock mode.

Interestingly, I am able to assign actions to both '9' and another action to 'pageup(keypad)'

Assigning the action of 'xdotool key $varKeyPress' or 'xdotool key 9' is not a solution because applications (Blender) don't respond properly.

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