Ubuntu: CPU temps reach 90+ *C while compiling OpenCV


So I got a used workstation specifically a Lenovo D20.

It's configuration is:

2x Xeon X5670 (stock speed and cooler)

16 GB Registered ECC (4x 4GB)

300GB VelociRaptor 10k RPM HDD

Nvidia Quadro 600

Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

While I was compiling OpenCV from source I saw that the Cpu temps from a number of cores were reaching well above 90* C. What could be the issue? All other temps were kinda normal around 45 - 60 *C. Only the core temps used to go that high and then after remaining there for say 4 -5 mins drop to 50 - 60 *C. After that they again climbed up and went down again, till the compilation was done.

I was measuring temps using psensor


Step #1:

Blow out any dust from your computer, especially from the fans and CPU cooler. If your computer is older, thermal paste on the CPU's may need re-application.

Step #2:

I'd install thermald...

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get install thermald

Thermald was buggy in early versions of 16.04. Update to 16.04.2 and it should be ok.

Thermald comes with a default configuration file at /etc/thermald/thermal-conf.xml that will control most computers, but may need to be customized for some computers. See man thermal-conf.xml for some details and examples. Once one has modified the configuration file, stop thermald and restart it:

sudo service thermald restart  

After installing thermald, I'd stop the thermald process, and run it manually as sudo thermald --no-daemon to watch its actions in real time. This real time info can be used to create your own customized thermal-conf.xml file. See man thermald for more information.

sudo service thermald stop  sudo thermald --no-daemon --loglevel=debug  

You can search for thermald here on Ask Ubuntu to see what previous answers there are.

A good starter reference is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagement/ThermalIssues

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