Ubuntu: connecting to a HPC machine via a third party machine and file transfer [closed]


I have to connect to a HPC machine (server) at work from my home for some reasons including saving data or running analysis. to do so first I have to connect to a third party HPC machine using ssh command and then connect to the main HPC machine I want to work on again using ssh command. actually I can connect through this way but I can not copy data there. do you know copy data to the main HPC from my home? here is the way I follow to connect to the main HPC machine:

ssh bjackson@bal.wur.nl    ssh bjackson@issac  

issac is the name of the main HPC machine.


You could connect use the ProxyCommand of SSH, which then automatically does the hop and you can use ssh bjackson@issac or scp file.txt bjackson@issac:/tmp for example.

Add the following to your ~/.ssh/config.

Host isaac      Hostname isaac      Port 22      ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p bjackson@bal.wur.nl  

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