Ubuntu: Concatenate multiple tiff images into single one page tiff image


I would like to combine multiple tiff images into a single one page tiff image preferably using some command line utility.

There is tiffcp utility. Although it combines the images quite well and, preserves the image quality and compression settings; it creates multiple pages.


feh has a index & montage modes, where it reads multiple images and displays or creates a single image containing a grid of thumbnails with all the images.

The man page has this example:

 feh -irFarial/14 -O index.jpg /opt/images           Make an index print of /opt/images and all directories           below it, using 14 point Arial to write the image info           under each thumbnail.  Save the image as index.jpg and           don't display it, just exit. Note that this even works           without a running X server   

If you've got libreoffice installed you could try these:

feh -i -O index.jpg /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/gallery/www-back/  

That creates an index with names of all the files. Or the following will open feh viewing the thumbnail image, but with no names:

feh  -m /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/gallery/www-back/  

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