Ubuntu: Can't create or delete Files in Ubuntu except in Ubuntu partition


I am new to Ubuntu and I don't know anything about Ubuntu. Now I am facing a problem that I can't create a folder or delete them in Ubuntu except in Ubuntu partition.I searched the internet and tried this command

sudo chown -R username:username /partition/mount-point  

I used

sudo blkid   

command to get the label name and part UUID.output of this command is:

$ sudo blkid  /dev/sda1: LABEL="Recovery" UUID="DAE2797CE2795DA7" TYPE="ntfs" PARTLABEL="Basic data partition" PARTUUID="228d58b5-010a-490c-92f8-b141e870de99"  /dev/sda2: UUID="207B-E6AB" TYPE="vfat" PARTLABEL="EFI system partition" PARTUUID="1c103e28-a020-4a3e-8031-c5cfb7aa6ba0"  /dev/sda4: LABEL="Asus" UUID="468E7FD18E7FB84F" TYPE="ntfs" PARTLABEL="Basic data partition" PARTUUID="1fd2c0cd-4cf2-4eee-8f31-b69d45a493b7"  /dev/sda5: UUID="32153a5f-e2e9-4a60-b1b9-1c0916a7144e" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="e2e83251-7c55-47b7-8e33-f0e04bd2b34d"  /dev/sda3: PARTLABEL="Microsoft reserved partition" PARTUUID="08cdb3d0-7967-4b79-a51b-24eba1bc0bd8"  

So I tried the above-said command customized to:

sudo chown -R kizhakkayil:kizhakkayil /media/"1fd2c0cd-4cf2-4eee-8f31-b69d45a493b7"  

And the output is

chown: cannot access '/media/1fd2c0cd-4cf2-4eee-8f31-b69d45a493b7': No such file or directory.  

I also tried this command:

sudo chown -R kizhakkayil:kizhakkayil /media/Asus  

The ouput is

chown: cannot access '/media/Asus': No such file or directory  

Can someone help me to solve this issue.Thanks in advance.


Solution via windows boot

I'm guessing you have a windows dual boot?

Windows hard locks any and all NTFS partitions on your computer's hard drives before shutdown/reboot/hibernate. it's annoying and allows windows to boot a couple milliseconds faster.

if those milliseconds aren't imperative to your survival once booted up in windows open up a admin CMD :

  • Win
  • CMD
  • shift-Enter

then type : powercfg -h off

enter, reboot into ubuntu. then you should be free to create/delete/modify windows documents and files.

Solution on ubuntu-only

If you HAD a windows dual-boot and booting windows is no longer an option, then follow this guide : starting from : "Have Linux Remove the Hiberfile.sys File"

cheers! :)

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