Ubuntu: Cannot install .deb pakages using software centre ubuntu 17.04 [duplicate]


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Today after installing ubuntu I encountered a problem when I was trying to install chrome I first downloded the file then when I clicked software centre got opened I clicked install button many times but it didn t get installed


Use gdebi to install .deb files, instead of Software Center, as it's a lot more reliable, and more user-friendly.

In terminal...

sudo apt-get update # to update the software databases  sudo apt-get install gdebi # to install gdebi, if it's not already there  

Find the Chrome .deb file that you downloaded. Right-click on it, and choose Properties, and change the "open with" default from Software Center to gdebi.

Then double-click on the .deb file to install Chrome.


Why not try using the terminal way

dpkg -i <packge name>.deb  

if not successful you might get errors why.

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