Ubuntu: Cairo-Dock recognizes App when starting after App, but not other way round


I installed Cairo-Dock and Spotify on Xenial. When I start Spotify from Cairo-Dock it is not shown as active (if I click the icon again, another Spotify instance starts). When I start Spotify before Cairo-Dock, it is shown as active!

I started Cairo-Dock both with and without OpenGL. No idea what else to try ...

Anyone? Thank you!


I was having the same issue and I messed around with it until it worked (kind of....). So, what you have to do is:

-Drag a spotify icon into the dock to create a new launcher.

-Right-click it, go to spotify, then Edit.

-Edit the "Comand to launch on click" to "spotify --mu".


now exit any running spotify session and start it again using the launcher on the dock and it should recognise it.

This is a work around and not a solution to the problem. And as such, there are downsides to it:

-cairo-dock does not recognise any instance of spotify if it was not run using the command "spotify --mu", which means either started using the new launcher, or in a terminal using "spotify --mu".

-It will, randomly, not recognise some instances of spotify. If that happens, just exit spotify and run it again.

I'll play around with it some more and update the answer if I found a better way.

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