Ubuntu: Battery Shows Always Charging Even it's not plugged in


I just installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS. but my battery indicator is showing plugged in even it's not. it can't detect low battery. please help. new user.


I suggest, you reinstall or update your unity battery status level or gnome battery status shell extension.

Also check the battery status via command line in your terminal

upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0  

If it says the battery is plugged even if it's not, I guess it's a more a BIOS related issue.


this is battery status. and there was a slight mistake. i thought the indicator was frozen as plugged in. then i turned my laptop off unplugged the charger and started again. this time it's showing discharging. and if i plug in my charger now it still says discharging. again i turned my laptop off and started again with charger plugged in and it says plugged in now even if i remove the charger. please help. i have some other issues to solve too. don't want to get stuck at this one.

this is my battery status:

native-path: BAT0 vendor: ASUSTeK model: E202-42 power supply: yes updated: শুক্রবার 09 জুন 2017 10:11:21 অপরাহ্ণ BDT (84 seconds ago) has history: yes has statistics: yes battery

present: yes rechargeable: yes state: discharging warning-level: none energy: 20.007 Wh energy-empty: 0 Wh energy-full: 44.95 Wh energy-full-design: 48.336 Wh energy-rate: 8.059 W voltage: 11.4 V time to empty: 2.5 hours percentage: 44% capacity: 92.9949% technology: lithium-ion icon-name: 'battery-good-symbolic' History (rate):

1497024681 8.059 discharging

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