Ubuntu: Battery Icon does not work properly for dual batteries


I have two batteries for my laptop, one is the built-in battery and the other comes from keyboard (X1 Helix if you want to know how that works). The way it works is: laptop draws power from bat1(keyboard bettery) first, until it's below 5%, then draws from bat0(build-in battery) until it's gone too.

The problem being: first, it does not combine two batteries into one display, say if bat1 is 10% and bat0 is 100%, it doesn't show 55%, it shows an almost empty bat1 on battery icon. Second even when bat1 is gone and bat0 is providing power, the default displayed battery status on icon bar is still that of bat1, which is empty, and that bothers me a lot because I have to click on the battery display and manually check how much I have left on bat0.

Any one can help?

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