Ubuntu: Bad resolution in Ubuntu 16.04


I have a problem with Ubuntu 16.04. I have a Philips 192E monitor, which has 1366x768 resolution. My graphic card is a AMD Radeon 265. Unfortunately, after installing Ubuntu (fresh install), the highest resolution available is 1024x764.

I know, this is a question that has been asked tons of times. Me myself have faced this problem in the past. Nonetheless, in this edition of Ubuntu I cannot modify xorg. So I am running out of ideas.

Any advice?


You could try xrandr to add a new resolution.

First, generate a valid xrandr resolution string: cvt 1366 768 60 (60 is Refresh Rate). You need everything after Modeline.

Next, run xrandr --newmode %string_from_previous_command%

After that, you should add the resolution to your monitor.

xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1366x768_60.00 (replace VGA-0 with your monitor, you can type xrandr without any options to see available screens).

Then apply your new mode with:

xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 1366x768_60.00 (again, replace VGA-0 with your monitor).

That helped me in before when I was using an old AMD videocard.

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