Ubuntu: Automate a conversion in Wine with BASH (or Python ..)


There's one Windows program I've to run a few hundred times to convert old files to a new (open!) format. The command is simple:

wine /path/to/foobar.exe -convert /filepath/foobar.ext /filepath/foobar.newext  

The program uses .newext to determine how to convert.

How can I automate this with bash?


I would suggest using a simple for loop:

for i in /file/path/*.ext;  do   wine /path/to/foobar.exe -convert "$i.ext" "${i%.ext}.newext"  done  

It's going to loop into /filepath/ and converts all files with .ext extension to same name with .newext.

Each time it runs wine with for a single file with .ext format.

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