Ubuntu: audio interrupted by desktop notification “volume change” - annoying (16.04)


Desktop notification "volume change" pops up in irregular intervals.
It's annoying, it interrupts music output, it results in a sound gap.

For a description of the notification, see: Sound notification wiki

I'm not adjusting volume manually. I didn't recognize any coherence with other actions / incidents. It makes no difference if music is playing or not, if Rhythmbox or other desktop software is running or not.

I have a desktop PC with Ubuntu 16.04. I like playing music from my MP3 collection with Rhythmbox. I have installed various other music software, too.

I apt removed sound-dispatcher, since then it seems that popups occur less often (ca. once every 3 minutes)

My system audio/sound settings:
- show volume in menu bar (makes no difference if enabled or not)
- Line out (internal audio)
- Warning sound volume medium
- don't allow volume beyond 100%
- don't mute
- Applications: "Rhythmbox"
- Applications: "speech-dispatcher" has been listed several times until I removed it.

Is there any possibility of getting rid of these unwanted popup desktop notifications? - I really want to listen to music without annoying interruptions.

Sound notification wiki states: Whenever sensible, there should be [...] both visible and audible confirmation of a manual volume change. I want to stress the word "manual"
In my opinion there should be no "confirmation" for notifications by software!

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