Ubuntu: Aquaris no more mobile or wifi connectivity


My aquaris 4.5 ran without significant problems for 17 months. Today all of a sudden I have no more connectivity to the mobile network nor WiFi. It looks as if those radio devices didn't exist any more. There was no error or even a warning message.

indicator-network is empty

In System settings -> WiFi, there is no more device that I can turn on or off.

Also System settings -> Phone, most of the options are gone.

What I tried so far:

  • turned airplane mode on and off a few times
  • rebooted the phone a few times
  • turned off and waited before turning the phone on again (a few times)
  • removed the SIM and tried the other slot (back and forth a few times)
  • the SIM works in another phone


It seems that a problem in the user config files can cause the network to disappear. The same symptoms on an aquaris E4.5 were solved by

  • deleting /home/phablet/.config/connectivity-service/
  • reboot

After reboot, the directory was restored by the system and the network was OK again. Before deleting, there were two files in the directory: config.ini and config.ini.lock. After reboot, only config.ini was restored.

What I tried before:

  • backup /home/phablet to the SD card using tar -cvz
  • factory reset from settings

Result: network was OK

  • Copy original /home/phablet back from the tar archive

Result: network still OK, but contacts and app icons not shown. Therefore:

  • reboot

Result: The original state was back, everything looked like before the factory reset including the problem that the phone didn't seem to have a network. So I looked into /home/phablet/.config for possible candidates.

What broke the configuration? No idea...

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