Ubuntu: Add a .exe file icon to launcher


enter image description hereI have 2 or 3 programs that are not installed, just extracted. These extractions mostly have an .exe file.. for example repetier host.

the files are deep in a tree in my pc, i have been able to add them to my dash but would like them them in the Launcher.

the normal "lock to launcher" doesn't work, also i have not been able to drag and drop from the dash.

is there a solution for this? and ifso.. how?


Windows Executables (.exe) files can be run on Linux using wine, a windows emulator software. Nautilus has probably set "open with"-setting for .exe files to use wine, so that you can double click them. The dash has probably the same feature.

For it to work similar from the launcher, you must imitate that behaviour with a command like wine start /Unix "/path/to/file.exe" in a .Desktop file

Create a .dektop file in ~/.local/share/applications with following content:

[Desktop Entry]  Comment=Run Name of your Program  Terminal=false  Name=Name of your Program  Exec=wine start /Unix "/path/to/file.exe"  Type=Application  Icon=/path/to/logo.png  

Of course replace the necessary bits.


Install alacarte and do the same with a simple GUI.

sudo apt-get install alacarte  

Now you should be able to see that entry in the dash (maybe you need to refresh the dash one or two times). You can then copy-paste it to the Launcher.

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