Ubuntu: Why isn't my keyring in Ubuntu working?


I have encrypted my id_rsa with a password. I think Ubuntu has a keyring system which prevents me from inputting password every time I have to use id_rsa, like git push. Sometimes I don't need to type in the password, sometimes I do.

When I execute

$ ssh-add -l  Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.    $ gnome-keyring import ~/.ssh/id_rsa  WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /run/user/1000/keyring-wUoO5j/pkcs11: Connection refused  p11-kit: gnome-keyring: module failed to initialize, skipping: An error occurred on the device  gnome-keyring: couldn't find any place to import files    $ echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK   /run/user/1000/keyring-wUoO5j/ssh  $ echo $SSH_AGENT_PID  <empty>  

In seahorse, the key is listed in openssh keys

Does any body has the same problem? Or how to solve this?

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